What the staff love about Hugo

Training and development

We offer a wide range of opportunities for employees to develop their skills and knowledge of recruitment including a combination of in-company bespoke courses, external open courses, on the job training and in-group secondments.  Some of our staff have attended industry conferences overseas including New Zealand & USA.


Management actively encourages communication by all staff through all levels of the company. Company meetings are held weekly to share ideas, develop best practice and foster teamwork.

Work environment

We strive to provide a stimulating environment for all employees by giving high levels of encouragement, motivation, empowerment, control and recognition. Furthermore we operate an open door policy to management for honest and frequent two way communication.


Management recognises and rewards its staff for work well done through a variety of initiatives and incentive programs.


The unique atmosphere and culture created by our people make our workplace fun, hardworking, stimulating, exciting and enjoyable.

We are an innovative, pioneering organisation that encourages free thinking and new ideas. In addition, we have a flat management structure, work in open plan offices and we work together with a “hands-on” commitment to our core values ensuring best practice and commercial excellence are achieved daily.