Privacy Policy

Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd is dedicated to being professional, resourceful and energetic in fulfilling the requirements of our clients.

We are committed to respecting the privacy of clients and those with whom we deal.

Recent national privacy legislation establishes benchmarks for how personal information should be handled. These principles have been embraced by Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd as part of our standard operating procedures.

This means that all personal information relating to clients and others with whom we deal is dealt with in a uniform manner and with the highest regard for maintaining its accuracy and security at all times.

For our clients, we use this information for the purposes of providing personnel placement services and related purposes. We may send clients information on events, industry news and related matters. Generally, we use client information in order to provide a high level of services for all matters relating to personnel placement.

For our staff and potential placement candidates, we use this information for seeking placements, for matching with our clients’ employment needs and for employment purposes, for reference checking and for all purposes where information is needed for our clients. Sometimes reference checks may be requested by others, and Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd may send details of functions, events and industry news.

Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd may, from time to time, disclose some of this personal information to those with whom we deal for the purposes of employment and placement services, or to government or other agencies, as necessary by law. We will, of course, at all times, maintain compliance with all legal obligations and endeavour to ensure that protection of personal information is maximised.

Sometimes Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd will obtain information by reference checks, reviews and in other ways, which is provided to us on a strictly private or confidential basis. In accordance with the national privacy principles, this confidential information will not be accessible, unless approval is obtained from the disclosing party. However, where appropriate, this information may be used or disclosed to others for the placement, employment and other services which we provide.

If you are concerned that our organisation may have handled your personal information inappropriately, please contact our Privacy Officer on (03) 9670 7955.

All complaints will be taken seriously in accordance with the requirements of the national privacy principles and our legislative obligations. You have a right to access personal information, in accordance with that legislation, and you should therefore contact our Privacy Officer, if you wish to do so.

Requests for access should be made in writing. Our Privacy Officer can arrange for an access form to be sent to you and assist with enquiries. We will respond to requests for access within forty-five days and, in most cases, hope to respond well before that time.

Documents and records maintained by Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd may be destroyed after seven years. If candidates have not been placed after twelve months from initial contact, documents and records may be destroyed at that time.

Engagement of our services will be seen as acceptance of Hugo Personnel Pty Ltd’s Privacy Policy.

Our privacy policy may change from time to time to reflect changes in circumstances surrounding the collection, storage or handling procedures in our organisation.