Resigning with honour

Anyone can resign from a job however there are steps you can take that will ensure you leave with your dignity intact and with an employer sorry to see you go.

  • Decide when it’s time to move on, there could be a number of reason’s for this
  • Ensure that you have you affairs in order regardless of whether you are leaving in one week or 3 months
  • Check your contract in order to ascertain what notice period you are required to give
  • Write a letter of resignation, address it to your immediate supervisor, ensuring you state your notice of termination of employment, when it will be effective from, details of you notice period, be diplomatic and to the point and avoid airing any dirty laundry in this format
  • Make a time to meet with your boss, prepare in advance what you will say and personally give your boss the letter of resignation
  • Work until the end ensuring the quality of work is as good as it always has been as you want to be remembered for the good work you have done even after you are gone
  • Leave a phone number where your former employer can contact you if anyone needs to ask you any follow-up questions once you are gone