Social Responsibility

At Hugo Personnel Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our purpose as a company and we have long been committed to social responsibility and sustainability.

We are committed to continuously behaving morally and ethically and contributing to economic development, while improving the quality of the workforce, their families, the community in general and supporting a number of community initiatives.

Hugo achieves this by adapting its practices to ensure that it operates in a way that meets moral, ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations. It is an integrated part of everyday business appealing to all parties concerned and includes strategies to make certain socially responsible decisions are made that act in accordance with legislative requirements.

How we help……

Code of Ethics

Hugo Personnel has a total commitment to ethical business practices and as a member of the RCSA we abide by the industry Code of Ethics

Corporate giving

Hugo Personnel also supports charities that have a special meaning to our employess.  Some major charities Hugo Personnel sponsors include:

  • Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Anti Cancer Council
  • Royal Flying Doctors Service
  • Diabetes Australia
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Responsible business practice

It is our obligation to put the best interest of our employees, customers, communities and environment at the forefront.  We are committed to providing the highest level of service and upholding our values and ethical standards in all our corporate activities.

Environmental awareness

We strive to protect the environment through established initiatives and our employees are trained on how they can do their part to reduce energy consumption and be more environmentally friendly.  Refer to our Environmental Policy for further details.